Source: Working at JuiceBox Games

2015-10-22: Great, until it wasn't

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA


Really talented, hardworking people. Camaraderie was fantastic. Everyone gets along and tries their best.


The core values don't seem to match up with the actual results within the company. Not as transparent as they always boasted. Salaries poor. Management actively searched out very young, though talented, employees to hire so they can take advantage of paying them far below industry standards. Very understaffed for the quality of games they want to create.

Advice to Management

Stop getting distracted by every shiny new game that the industry releases, causing pivot after pivot of overly-massaged game design within the company.

2015-07-17: Complete Deviation From Core Values

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee
I worked at JuiceBox Games full-time


Mostly friendly employees
Decent location
Somewhat innovative direction in terms of titles and game design


Company results deviate drastically from company values.

Core-Values include "High-polish, bug free", "honest and fair", and "long-term retention". The end result is the polar opposite.

If you want to make average, buggy, midcore games in an understaffed environment with minimal job security, then this is the ideal spot for you. At least the location right off the Bay Bridge is convenient.

Advice to Management

Don't crush forward-looking thoughts from your employees. If you want to do midcore well, you need to beef up the QA support for existing titles, polish is severely lacking.


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