"Discover powerful rewards - completing Artifact Research gives additional resources and unlocks new missions!"

Treasure Map

Research Treasure Map
Unlock a gold mine that generates a certain amount of gold per minute.

Treasure Map 1

Treasure Map 2

"Rumor has it this map can be found in the Sacred Glade, if one looks hard enough."

Treasure Map 3

"Continue on your quest to stop Naema to obtain this treasure map."

Treasure Map 4

"It is said this map can be found in the ruins of Ordonfell, if one looks hard enough."

Treasure Map 5

Treasure Map 6

"Rumored to be found in the Alshin Imperial Palace..."
Note: Gold mine: Robber's Hollow is unlocked after completing area: Ogres!, during mission: A Shadow over Haven.


Research Strongbox
  • Obtain coins, embers, healing potions or resurrection scrolls.
  • Source: Treasure Chests
  • Research time: variable

Ancestral Knowledge

Research Ancestral Knowledge RedResearch Ancestral Knowledge OrangeResearch Ancestral Knowledge YellowResearch Ancestral Knowledge GreenResearch Ancestral Knowledge BlueResearch Ancestral Knowledge Purple
  • Obtain Silver Runes, Elite Runes or diamonds.
  • Source: Blue Treasure Chests
  • Research time: reward quality and research time increases based on the color of the volume, as follows:
    Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple.

Naema's Journal

Research Naema's Journal
"A coded journal outlining Naema's secrets."
  • Source: drops from a Blue Treasure Chest after completing the mission Facing Naema and running it subsequent times.
  • Research time: 12 hours
  • Unlocks mission: What Naema Fears

Strange Artifact / Archon Fragment

Research Strange Artifact Archon Fragment
"A strange artifact found in the Valley of Desolation."
  • Source mission: complete What Naema Fears
  • Research time: 15 minutes
  • Unlocks mission: Grim Tidings and a quest to recover the remaining two Archon Fragments

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