"Transform your riches - completing Alchemy Research converts embers to coins and vice-versa. The longer the research takes, the better the resource yield!"

Research Silver TransmuteResearch Gold Transmute

Subject Cost Time Result
Silver Transmute 50x Copper Trap 15 min 5x Silver Trap
Gold Transmute 50x Silver Trap 30 min 5x Gold Trap
Rapid Coin Gain 25,000 Currency Ember 15 mins Currency Coin 15,000
Middle Coin Gain 100,000 Currency Ember 8 hours Currency Coin 70,000
Slow Coin Gain 250,000 Currency Ember 12 hours Currency Coin 200,000
Rapid Ember Gain Currency Coin 25,000 15 mins 15,000 Currency Ember
Middle Ember Gain Currency Coin 100,000 8 hours 70,000 Currency Ember
Slow Ember Gain Currency Coin 250,000 12 hours 200,000 Currency Ember
Silver Rune Transmute 10x Bronze Rune 24 hours Silver Rune
Elite Rune Transmute 10x Silver Rune 5 days Elite Rune
Summoning Emblem Transmute Elite Rune 3 days 3x Summoning Emblems

Note 1: Coin/Ember yield depends on the type of gain:

  • Rapid Gain = cost x 0.6
  • Middle Gain = cost x 0.7
  • Slow Gain = cost x 0.8

Note 2: Coin/Ember cost changes with Leadership level:

  • Leadership 2: 1k/2.5k/5k
  • Leadership 3: 1.5k/5k/10k
  • Leadership 4: 3k/10k/25k
  • Leadership 5: 5k/20k/50k
  • Leadership 6: 5k/10k/50k (?)
  • Leadership 7: 10k/50k/100k
  • Leadership 8: 10k/50k/100k
  • Leadership 9: 25k/100k/250k

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