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Raid is a guild feature where players can collaborate to kill terrifying dragons, and claim their loot! Dragons get increasingly more difficult the more you fight them, so make sure you bring your best heroes and gear every time!
Raid is a guild-oriented event, so you'll want to coordinate on when to summon a dragon, and which dragon you'll be summoning. Your guild leader or officers will be able to use your accumulated Seals to start a raid.


A Seal is (…)
Seals can be found by defeating enemies in the following areas:

Tips for success

  • Talk to your guild mates, and strategize when to use your Seals!
  • Raid gear gives huge bonuses! Use these pieces of gear to withstand the powerful dragons' blows, and deal large amounts of damage.
  • Get Dragon Slayers! These are heroes obtained from the Guild Prize pack.
  • Use resistances to your advantage.


  • Dragonslayers and raid gear grant you a new penetration stat.
  • Abilities work in raids thanks to raid gear changes so stacking penetration on your highest damage dealer hero is recommended. Especially if they have damage over time abilities!
  • Raid gear with a dragon name on it provides 100% penetration when facing the same name of dragon. Facing other dragons with the same gear results in 50% penetration (and 0% resist)

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