Icon Evolve 1-1Mizz Blackheart: “Mizz Blackheart is the leader of the swamp elves, and considers herself to be the daughter of the Fellmire.”


The minimum stats at level 1, and the maximum stats at level 100, 150, and 200. The maximum stats differ by the app version. The following stats may be outdated.
Level Power Icon Physical Attack Icon Magical Attack Icon Physical Defense Icon Magical Defense Icon Health Icon Luck Total
1 0
100 0
150 0
200 0


Icon DiseaseParasitic Spores

Ability Parasitic SporesMana: 5
Apply Diseased spores to an enemy causing damage over time. The caster will heal for a portion of this damage every round.

Icon DarkEntropy

Ability EntropyMana: 5
Attack a single enemy and deal damage over time.

Icon DarkDarkness Unending

Ability Darkness UnendingMana: 7 - 9
Attack a group of enemies.


Icon Evolve 1-1Mizz Blackheart



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