The powerful machines and magical beasts of the Chosen, Servitors, and Gnomes can be added to your squad! All heroes in this pack are epic or better, giving you the chance to fill your squad with the most powerful creatures in the realm!

Summon legendary heroes like Noye of the Dead, Aedelith the Guardian, and the MYTHIC XVII!

Get a GUARANTEED LEGENDARY in every 10x summon!


  • Date: 2015-07-30
  • Summoning Cost: x1: 450 Diamonds, x10: 4,000 Diamonds

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon MythicIcon KnightXVII  ?%
Icon MythicIcon WarriorMister Thresher  ?%
Icon MythicIcon ClericEndecog the Tinker-King  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon ArcherNoye of the Dead  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon ClericHigh Bishop Shem  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon KnightAedelith the Guardian  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WizardThe Overseer  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorThe Ivory Kingpin  ?%
Icon EpicIcon KnightServitor Goliath  ?%
Icon EpicIcon RogueChosen Excavator  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WizardServitor Beacon  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorServitor Thresher  ?%

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