Collection Magcryxs Hoard shop x1


Claim the Ancient Power of Magcryx!
The Ancient Dragon Magcryx can be yours to command!
For a limited time you can add an Ancient Dragon and other mighty heroes to your forces, like the MYTHIC Magcryx, the Legendary The Horror, Legion 13, Hiska God-Favored, and Lightlord Rem!
This pack contains 1 Mythic, 4 Legendary, 9 Epic, and 4 rare heroes!


  • Date: 2015-04-10
  • Summoning Cost: x1: 300 Diamonds, x10: 2,750 Diamonds
  • Date: 2015-04-29
  • Summoning Cost: x1: 250 Diamonds, x10: 2,250 Diamonds

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon MythicIcon WarriorMagcryx  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorThe Horror  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WizardLegion 13  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon ClericHiska God-Favored  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon ClericLightlord Rem  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ArcherEvershade Venomspitter  ?%
Icon EpicIcon RogueGreenmist Ogre Rustler  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ArcherHarrowed Soul  ?%
Icon EpicIcon KnightHawlan Firespear  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WizardHellhound  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ArcherLiashi Arbalest  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorRella Turnkey  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WizardThe Raven-Caller  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ClericWizened Owl  ?%
Icon RareIcon ArcherHoliday Hunter  ?%
Icon RareIcon WizardSaurian Conjurer  ?%
Icon RareIcon ClericValiant Chaplain  ?%
Icon RareIcon WizardValiant Magus  ?%


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