All the abilities are defined as templates for reuse.
To edit an ability, first you have to locate the template page.
The address is: name)
For example, the template page of Arcane Blast is: Blast
Edit the page in the Source editor.


| Name        =<!-- Name -->
| Image       =<!-- Image file name -->
| DamageType  =<!-- Damage type -->
| Mana        =<!-- Mana cost -->
| Mana:Max    =<!-- [Optional] Mana cost: Max -->
| Activation  =<!-- [Optional] Active or Passive (set if Mana is 0) -->
| Description =<!-- Description -->
Note: The parameter: DamageType is used for the categories, not for the damage type icon.


Template:Ability:Arcane Blast

| Name        =Arcane Blast
| Image       =Ability_Arcane_Blast.png
| DamageType  =Fire
| Mana        =5
| Description =Attack all enemies with a fiery maelstrom.

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