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HonorBound is a mobile game developped by JuiceBox Games©. A great RPG game where you need to evolve, upgrade and level up heroes to go through missions and the arena. It is available for iOS and Android. Get it now on iTunes or the Play Store!

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Recommended pages : 

  • Guilds : Recruiting, info and more.
  • Basics : A page to learn about the main mechanics of the game
  • Evolution Guide : Explanation on proper evolution
  • Fortify Guide : Strategies on fortification
  • Tips : Different tips offered by the community
  • FAQ : Frequently asked questions
  • Heroes : A list of the different heroes you can find within the game and their evolutions
  • Abilities : A list of all the available abilities.
  • Classes : The different classes and their use in your squad
  • Research : All the different researches with their requirements, prices and descriptions
  • Rituals : Information on the different rituals
  • Gear : A list of different gear that can be found
  • Arena : General Arena information and streak rewards.
  • Achievements : A list of the different achievements and their descriptions
  • Events : Information about events
  • Missions
  • Maps : Collection of Maps
  • Daily Offerings : New rewards for logging in every day!
  • Battle Discussion : Lets discuss battle strategy, setup, and replays with screenshots
  • Friend Codes : Get more friends and post your own code!
  • Suggestions : Links and ideas to improve the game!

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HonorBound (RPG) Android GamePlay Trailer (HD)07:09

HonorBound (RPG) Android GamePlay Trailer (HD)

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