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Haven Champions!
Powerful heroes make their return in the Haven Champions Pack!
Finish your perfect evolutions of heroes like Warboss Grund, Bladelord Caul, or the MYTHIC Iselde the Lionheart!
This pack contains 1 mythic, 5 legendary, 9 epic, and 4 rare heroes!
Each pack contains two heroes, to double your chance at the hero you want!


  • Date: 2015-04-24, 2015-05-18, 2015-06-10
  • Summoning Cost: x2: 450 Diamonds
  • Alias: Lionheart Champions

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon MythicIcon WarriorIselde the Lionheart  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorWarboss Grund  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon RogueBladelord Caul  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WizardMaelgorl the Cruel  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorThe Lord of Crows  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorNorrec the Grim  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorChosen Behemoth  ?%
Icon EpicIcon RogueKyokei Rage-Of-Maelstrom  ?%
Icon EpicIcon RogueHei-To Silverhands  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorHemuchin Oath-Keeper  ?%
Icon EpicIcon RogueRextarn Axe-Reaver  ?%
Icon Epic?  ?%
Icon Epic?  ?%
Icon Epic?  ?%
Icon Epic?  ?%
Icon RareIcon KnightLeague Proctor  ?%
Icon Rare?  ?%
Icon Rare?  ?%
Icon Rare?  ?%


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