Guild Prize shop
Participate in guild events to earn Guild Runes.
Use 400 Guild Runes to summon from a new set of heroes.


  • Date: 2014-10-07 - present
  • Summoning Cost: 400 Guild Runes
  • Added in the version 2.27.00.

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon LegendaryIcon WizardSaint Naema 1.0%
Icon LegendaryIcon KnightRax, King of Claws 1.0%
Icon EpicIcon WizardBloodfrost Sorrower 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorLichwood Whitepelt 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon WizardInquisition Witch-Hunter 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon ArcherFeralkin Reaver 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon KnightDarkrealm Banshee 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon KnightJoral the Wanderer 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorThe Azure Fox 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon ClericHalthan Half-Priest 5.375%
Icon EpicIcon ClericInquisition Interrogator 13.75%
Icon EpicIcon RogueFeralkin Cutthroat 13.75%
Icon EpicIcon WizardDarkrealm Briarkith 13.75%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorDarkrealm Nightwolf 13.75%


  • Added in the version 2.27.00


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