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Groups of players can join together in a guild to talk and achieve common goals and benefits. Initially, the Guild button reveals two tabs: Join a Guild or Create a Guild.

Guild Tabs - Join a Guild

Guild Tab: Join a Guild

Guild Tabs - Create Guild

Guild Tab: Create Guild

Guild Tabs - Overview Donate

Guild Tab: Overview: Donate

Guild Tabs - Overview Donate above lvl 5

Guild Tab: Overview: Donate (above level 5)

Guild Tabs - Overview Members

Guild Tab: Overview: Members

Guild Tabs - Relics

Guild Tab: Relics

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is easy: browse or search the existing guilds, view the information screens, and either "Ask to Join" or join outright based on what the guild settings require.

Create a Guild

Creating a guild requires more steps and costs gold coins:
  1. choose a banner;
  2. choose a name;
  3. write a "Guild Charter" / description, which is visible to all players;
  4. select whether the guild is open to all or "Ask to Join"; and finally
  5. pay 10,000 Currency Coin.

Guild Membership

Guild members share a chat window and benefit from Relics that boost the stats of all members. Once in a guild, the Guild button reveals several tabs and options:
  • Overview;
    • Donate;
    • Members;
  • Relics; and
  • tabs related to guild events, which may vary.
Overview displays the guild name, banner, level, amount of Aether, and equipped relics on the left side of the window. Selecting Members reveals the membership list on the right side of the window, with current number of players and maximum allowed, player names, levels, honor scores (or event rankings, as applicable), and guild ranks (leader, officer or member). Selecting Donate reveals the option to donate coins to the guild in exchange for Aether. Once the guild reaches Level 5, members can donate heroes for both Aether and Affinity Shards (Abyss, Primal, Lunar, Spirit or Terra, based on the donated hero). Aether and Affinity Shards are used to purchase Relics detailed on the next tab in the guild screen, which boost the stats of all members. Increasing the guild level allows for more relics to be equipped.


Main article: Guild/Donation
Once the guild reaches Level 5, members can donate heroes for both Aether and Affinity Shards (Abyss, Primal, Lunar, Spirit or Terra, based on the donated hero).

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  1. Unlocks: 1st Relic slot and XP Relic 1 (5% bonus)
  2. Unlocks: Coin Scavenger Relic 1 (10% bonus)
  3. Unlocks: Mana Relic 1 (1 extra mana at the start of combat)
  4. Unlocks: Hero Donation, 2nd Relic slot, and Slashing Resist Relic 1 (200 resist)
  5. Unlocks: Piercing Resist Relic 1 (200 resist)
  6. Unlocks: Crushing Resist Relic 1 (200 resist)
  7. Unlocks: Toxic Resist Relic 1 (200 resist)
  8. Unlocks: Disease Resist Relic 1 (200 resist)
  9. Unlocks: Attack Relic (5% bonus)
  10. Unlocks: Magic Relic (5% bonus)


Guild Prize

Main article: Guild Prize
Participate in guild events to earn Guild Runes.
Use 400 Guild Runes to summon from a new set of heroes.

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Guild Recruitment

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