Mines give coins to the player and are great to invest your time in so hunt down the maps and unlock the mines as quick as possible to fill up your coin vault in no time.

One of the unique things about mine maps is that they require no energy to traverse through, like the rampage maps, and because of that there is a whole new way to go through them. You can go down the long twisting pathes that collect the most chests which will also give you a little boost to your regular team though generally you don't get anything too great from them. Mines can also be used to grind your whole team when you have no more energy you can equip a weak team and go through again and again exitting if need be to make them strong which improves the exp you get from them when fortified, increases aether produced by the hero, and it makes more powerful evolved forms. In conclusion of this bit to get more than coins from your mines remember these tips.

  1. They require no energy so take the long path
  2. Enter after you used all your energy
  3. Grind your weak heroes for exp boosts or bigger aether donations


  1. Robber's Hollow (Recommended Level: 8-10)
  2. The Beasts' Den (Recommended Level: 11-14) (Treasure Map 1)
  3. The Exiled Tribe (Recommended Level: 26-29) (Treasure Map 2)
  4. Red Gallows' Grave (Recommended Level: 32-36) (Treasure Map 3)
  5. Icewind Grotto (Recommended Level: 65-70) (Treasure Map 4)
  6. The Black Altar (Reccomended Level: 54-56) (Treasure Map 5)
  7. Smuggler's Cove (Reccomended Level: 59-61) (Treasure Map 6)

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