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Friends can provide many benefits in the game. Each player account has a unique seven digit, alpha-numeric Friend Code that you can use to add up to 35 friends.

Friend Codes

Find and post Friend Codes in the comments on the Friend Codes page or in the forums.

Favor tokens

Every 23 hours, friends reward you with Favor tokens. Friends who play each day reward 5 Favor tokens, and friends who don't reward 1. Adding friends also gives Favor rewards at 10, 20 and 35 friends. Favor tokens are used to summon heroes from The Favored Companions set of heroes.

Referral Rewards

During the first 24 hours of a starting a new game, a player can enter a Referral Code, which is the Friend Code of the player who referred them. The new player and the referral player both receive rewards. The new player receives a Bandit Archer hero. The referral player can receive up to five different rewards based on how many referrals they make.
Referrals Rewards
1 100 Currency Diamond
3 Elite Rune
8 500 Currency Diamond
15 Band of Eternal Essence (+25% XP bonus)
30 Armored Paragon