Summon Fireheart, the passionate revolutionary and anarchist that fights chaos in exchange for freedom from Madding Wind prison.

Icon Evolve 1-1Fireheart: “I have been chosen to bring this world into a new age - but I was never told I had to do so gently. Let the revolution begin!”


The minimum stats at level 1, and the maximum stats at level 100, 150, and 200. The maximum stats differ by the app version. The following stats may be outdated.
Level Power Icon Physical Attack Icon Magical Attack Icon Physical Defense Icon Magical Defense Icon Health Icon Luck Total
1 126 640 640 654 654 654 654 3,896
100 126 0
150 126 0
200 126 0


Icon SlashingVanguard

Ability VanguardMana: 5
Strike a chain of enemies for slashing damage causing them to be more vulnerable to slashing and fire damage.

Icon FireDesperate Measures

Ability Desperate MeasuresMana: 6
Buff Fireheart's Attack. The strength of the Attack buff will increase the lower the Hit Points of Fireheart.

Icon FireGrand Sortie

Ability Grand SortieMana: 10
Attack all enemies with a whirlwind of fire.


Icon Evolve 1-1Fireheart

  • Research: Summoning section (700 Summoning Emblems)



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