Favored Companions shop


Collect Favor tokens from your friends every 24 hours;
Summon heroes from the shop for 400 Favor tokens each;
Collect all 10 heroes to receive the legendary warrior Scarlet Grinner.


  • Date: 2014-06-07 - present
  • Summoning Cost: 400 Favor
  • Added in the version 1.99.41.

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon EpicIcon RogueCompanion Outrider 3.8%
Icon EpicIcon WizardCompanion Warmage 7.7%
Icon EpicIcon ArcherCompanion Bowman 7.7%
Icon EpicIcon ClericCompanion Confessor 7.7%
Icon EpicIcon KnightCompanion Lancer 7.7%
Icon RareIcon RogueCompanion Hunter 11.5%
Icon RareIcon KnightCompanion Warbeast 11.5%
Icon RareIcon WarriorCompanion Battle Troll 11.5%
Icon UncommonIcon RogueEssence Shade 15.4%
Icon CommonIcon RogueEssence Sprite 15.4%


Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorScarlet Grinner


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