The prices listed here are in Diamonds.


Date Hero Price
2014-11-07 Icon EpicIcon RogueIcon Evolve 3-4Alshin Nameless 2,000
2014-11-08 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 3-4Teresa the Vengeful 2,000
2014-11-09 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 2-4Runewood Forester 1,500
2014-11-11 Icon EpicIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4Haven Guard Captain 1,000
2014-11-12 Icon RareIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 2-4Greenmist Kestrel 500
2014-11-13 Icon LegendaryIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-2Derrick the Silent 20,000
2014-11-14 Icon RareIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 4-4Vengeful Spirit 350
2014-11-15 Icon RareIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-4Cave Drake 200
2014-11-16 Icon EpicIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-4Marshland Shadow 375
2014-11-17 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 4-4Centaur Dragoon 500
2014-11-18 Icon EpicIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4Servitor Goliath 375
2014-11-19 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 1-4Rannon Blood-Beard 375
2014-11-20 Icon RareIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 1-4Magma Elemental 200
2014-11-21 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 1-4Old Snapjaw 375
2014-11-22 Icon LegendaryIcon ClericIcon Evolve 1-3Valan the Unforgotten 10,000
2014-11-23 Icon EpicIcon ClericIcon Evolve 1-4Duskwing 375
2014-11-24 Icon EpicIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-4Greenmist Thane 375
2014-11-25 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 1-4Daisuke Ever-Ronin 375
2014-11-26 Icon EpicIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-4High Queen Sigrid 375
2014-11-27 Icon EpicIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4Garlic Knight 375
There was no daily hero on 10th, 28th, 29th, 30th.


Date Hero Price
2014-12-01 Icon LegendaryIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4High King Gard 12,500
2014-12-02 Icon EpicIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4Captain Blackmast 375
2014-12-03 Icon LegendaryIcon WizardIcon Evolve 1-2Danarius the Warlock 10,000
2014-12-04 Icon RareIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 1-4Highlander Laird 200
2014-12-05 Icon EpicIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4Jerran the Ironshod 375
2014-12-06 Icon EpicIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-4Kyokei Rage-Of-Maelstrom 375
2014-12-07 Icon EpicIcon ClericIcon Evolve 1-4Madminded Jerichan 375
2014-12-08 Icon EpicIcon KnightIcon Evolve 1-4Haven Guard Captain 375
2014-12-11 Icon EpicIcon WarriorIcon Evolve 1-4Rimeholm Abomination 375
2014-12-12 Icon EpicIcon ClericIcon Evolve 1-4Chosen Adherent 375
2014-12-13 Icon EpicIcon WizardIcon Evolve 1-4The Widow in White 375
2014-12-14 Icon EpicIcon ClericIcon Evolve 1-4Greenmist Hermit 375
2014-12-15 Icon EpicIcon WizardIcon Evolve 1-4Liashi Wraith 375
2014-12-16 Icon EpicIcon WizardIcon Evolve 1-4Companion Warmage 375
2014-12-17 Icon EpicIcon WizardIcon Evolve 1-4Pellos the Prelate 375
2014-12-18 Icon LegendaryIcon RogueIcon Evolve 1-4Ballow the Redeemer 10,000
2014-12-31 Icon LegendaryIcon WizardIcon Evolve 1-2Danarius the Warlock 10,000
There was no daily hero on 9th, 10th, between 19th and 30th.

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