Summon Brunol the Returned, an ethereal bounty hunter with a hunger for justice that reaches beyond the grave.

Icon Evolve 1-1Brunol the Returned: “Brunol the Returned hunted criminals for all of his life, until he met his head at the hands of Therodan Thrice-Hanged. Even in death, he fights for justice.”


The minimum stats at level 1, and the maximum stats at level 100, 150, and 200. The maximum stats differ by the app version. The following stats may be outdated.
Level Power Icon Physical Attack Icon Magical Attack Icon Physical Defense Icon Magical Defense Icon Health Icon Luck Total
1 99 340 340 354 354 354 326 2,068
100 99 0
150 99 0
200 99 0


Icon SlashingSlashing Winds

Ability Slashing WindsMana: 4
Attack a chain of enemies.

Icon SlashingObsession

Ability ObsessionMana: 4
Every subsequent attack the caster makes against the target of this ability deals progressively more damage.

Icon LightHoly Fury

Ability Holy FuryMana: 7
Attack a chain of enemies.


Icon Evolve 1-1Brunol the Returned



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