Icon Evolve 1-1Aya Fist-of-Endings: “Aya Fist-of-Endings is one of the six ninjas of the Grimshadow clan that has been tasked with protecting The Empress herself. Along his waist, he dons a set of prayer beads blessed by the Emerald Guardian.”


The minimum stats at level 1, and the maximum stats at level 100, 150, and 200. The maximum stats differ by the app version. The following stats may be outdated.
Level Power Icon Physical Attack Icon Magical Attack Icon Physical Defense Icon Magical Defense Icon Health Icon Luck Total
1 121 0
100 0
150 0
200 0


Icon FireFlaming Fist

Ability Flaming FistMana: 7 - 8
Attack a single enemy with a powerful blow. Using this ability will reduce your Magic and Magic Defense.

Icon FireFlamespark

Ability FlamesparkMana: 7
Attack a chain of enemies and cause them to burn for damage over time.

Icon DarkMurderous Reputation

Ability Murderous ReputationMana: 0 | Activation: Passive (automatic)
Enemies are scared to get in close range of Ripper. Physical attack of all melee-based enemies is reduced.


Icon Evolve 1-1Aya Fist-of-Endings

Exclusive Sale [6/23/2015]


  • Currently the only commander with an electric type basic attack
  • Currently the only commander with fist-based attack stances and animations
  • Currently the only commander to have only been released through a special deal


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