All-Stars of 2014 shop x1


2014 MVP heroes are on sale!
The most powerful heroes in The Realm are offering their services to you!
The 2014 MVP pack is a collection of heroes chosen by the players as the best and most powerful available!
This pack also contains the Mythic hero The Executioner, designed by players in the Hero Forge event!


  • Date: 2015-02-03, 2015-04-04 + ? days
  • Summoning Cost:
    • x1: 300 Diamonds
    • x10: 2,750 Diamonds
  • Alias: Best of 2014

Drop Rates

Name Rate
Icon MythicIcon WarriorThe Executioner 1%
Icon LegendaryIcon WarriorAurum the Iconic  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon ArcherGarrothe Half-Blood  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon KnightHigh King Gard  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon ClericHiska God-Favored  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon WizardIcthyox  ?%
Icon LegendaryIcon RogueRevenant of Liashi  ?%
Icon EpicIcon RogueAlshin Nameless  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorFractured Bereaved  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ClericGodsworn Shaman  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ClericMadminded Jerichan  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WizardMizz Tora Opal-Eyes  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WarriorOld Snapjaw  ?%
Icon EpicIcon WizardRimeholm Chancellor  ?%
Icon EpicIcon KnightThe Duskgorge Behemoth  ?%
Icon EpicIcon ArcherTothnyla the Harpooner  ?%
Icon RareIcon ArcherBellra the Blind 10%
Icon RareIcon WarriorTempest Firstmate 10%
Icon RareIcon ClericThe Winter Widow 10%
Icon RareIcon ClericValiant Chaplain 10%



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