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• 2/6/2014

Gears page

How do you guys want to structure the Gear page? I think a minimalistic view would be better, like a table discribing the different types of gear and the modifiers.
Personaly, I do not think we need to post all the rings/amulets/trinket stat information as it would be pretty redundant. 
I did make a table with the stat modifiers for cobalt gear.  Let me know what you guys think so we can have a good page.
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• 2/6/2014

Big Billow and Haste

I have captured Big Billow and he has the Haste skill. The description on the skill states that the buff increases initiative. I have seen other characters have this skill as well (i think an archer I got from a silver summons).
Has anybody tried leveling up Big Billow and how are his stats progressing? Also, does anybody know the effect of Haste, could it be possible to have multiple attacks before the other person's turn?
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• 2/5/2014

Patch Notes : January 29

Here are the modifications we know of from the update on January 29.
-Skip turn: Heroes can now skip a turn instead of attacking.
-Capture Mana Costs: Capture can now be trained to reduce its mana costs. Along with Skip Turn, this makes Capture easier.
-Capture Chance Changes: Capture chances now decrease the more times you try to capture an enemy in a single battle.
-Encounter fixes: Enemies now spawn with abilities appropriate to their level
-Gear asset fixes: We fixed a small number of broken gear asset
-Other small bug fixes
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